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of Retina on the new MacBook Air I’ve been testing gives the faithful an excellent reason to cheer, along with other features.

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The upgrade better enables Siri to hear and interpret commands and questions. The trackpad is 20% larger and better matches t.

From the PowerBook to the MacBook Pro and the Air, we explore the evolution of. Powered by a PowerPC G3 processor, it incl.

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Though the starting price might be relatively low, compared to the Mac range the iPad Pro now feels like it’s a part of, star.

It’s also faster than the current 12-inch MacBook, which is still running 2017 Intel chips, but it’s slower than some compara.

With a refreshed range of the MacBook. Pro will survive 10 hours doing similar tasks. There’s not much difference here the.

On the flipside, Y-series chips are less thirsty, so the MacBook Air might do better in battery drain tests than the Gram and.

The MacBook Air has long been known for its "all-day" battery life. (On a recent five-hour flight from Atlanta to San Francis.

The MacBook Air has better battery life. According to the spec sheets, the new MacBook Air can last for up to 12 hours of web.

Despite that power-demanding leap, Apple says the Air’s 12-hour battery life remains about the same — and superior to the more powerful MacBook Pro that costs $100 more. The new Air, which weighs 2.75.

One of the hotly debated topics around Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro lineup of laptops is battery life. For some users, it’s sub-par, far worse than on the previous generation of MacBook Pros. On the other.

You’re better off with a MacBook Pro if you plan to do things like that. that you can easily charge it while you’re on the.

Apple ended a rough week by announcing that a fault in some MacBook Pro laptops have a faulty component that “may fail causing the built-in battery to expand.” It is not a safety issue, the company ad.

Repair experts at iFixit have taken apart the new MacBook Air, and while it still has some of the quirks we’ve come to expect.

Lots of Users Have Been Complaining About the Battery Life on the ‘Touch Bar’ Enabled MacBook Pro Models Several MacBook Pro owners have started ranting on Reddit relating to the abysmal battery time.

Unusual for a notebook with a lower-power chip, the new MacBook Air also has a fan. It’s not as powerful as a base model 13-i.

It’s now 2560 by 1600—the same as the latest MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air now has biometric. processor means the Air should have decent battery life. Apple claims it will last 12 hours.